A Big Pile of Bones Under Paris

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When we started putting together the list of things we wanted to do in Paris, visiting the catacombs was high on the list. I really had no idea what to expect before starting a bit of research on the big pile of bones that lies beneath Paris. Going to see a pile of bones is cool but it’s even more interesting when you consider some of the history. By the 17th century, Paris was having some big issues with where to put it’s dead bodies. Cemeteries around churches were getting…read more


Wine and Cheese in Paris

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My girlfriend and I have just finished off a week in Paris. We’ve current basking in the sun in Marseille and will be spending another 2 days in Paris before heading home at the end of this week. It’s always sad to think about the end of the trip and heading home but it wouldn’t be so incredible if we were here all the time. We flew into Charles de Gaulle 1 week ago and it’s flown by. I wasn’t sure how easy the train system here was going to…read more


Vive La France!

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Ever since I got home from Australia and New Zealand in 2009, I was itching to travel again. I had only just got a taste of travelling and wanted to experience something farther away from the Canadian culture I see every day. I’ve had my eyes on Thailand and Chile for some time now. It seems like half the location independent lifestyle designers are currently in Thailand and it would be a blast to cruise through and see what that crew is up to. And I’ve heard nothing but good…read more