Becoming Aware

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During meditation, beginners are often taught to be aware of their thoughts. To watch them arise, follow their course, and then fall away again. It’s a very tough practice to get into and that’s one of the reasons meditation is so hard. There shouldn’t be any judgement when you come up with these thoughts, just watching them like you’re floating above the thought. The first time I heard that, I thought it was crazy but when I tried doing it, when I tried watching my thoughts, instead of being active…read more


Meditation Challenge Wrap-Up and December’s Challenge

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I’ve just wrapped up a month of meditating almost every day. My intention was to do it every day of the month but between other work and long days, I didn’t feel up to it some sessions. The goal was to learn as much as I could and see what it was like. I’ve read so much about meditation and the benefits to anyone doing anything so I decided to give it a try. One of the biggest encouragements to try was through Jonathon Fields book Uncertainty. After reading through…read more


October Writing Wrap-up and November’s Challenge

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The first every Spark Challenge is done. I spent October writing every day. Well, make that trying to write every day. Every day was a battle of time. What do I spend my time on? I could spend 2 or 3 hours of time on whatever I wanted before I left for work and after I came home. In between cooking, cleaning and hanging out with my girlfriend there was some time that I was free to do what I like. That’s when the priority battle started. What should I…read more