My First Adventure Race

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It’s done! It was actually done in September 2 years ago but I pushed the post aside and totally got distracted with other things. My buddy, Ryan and I competed as a two person team in the Cumberland Momar September 2010. We did the Enduro course that was 50km long. There was a 10km kayak,  15km of running and about 25km of mountain biking. The experience was very humbling and I’m glad it’s over but it was a blast at the same time. We rented a cabin with a bunch of friends…read more


15 Minutes to Live

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Just kidding! I don’t really have 15 more minutes to live. If I did I wouldn’t be writing on this blog for it. Makes me think why I’m writing on here in the first place… The prompt is from #Trust30. You pledge for the next 30 days to do blog, journal or create something each day over the next 30 days. Each day  there is a prompt from an original thinker or doer. Each day you get the prompt in your email and you do your thing. Tweet it, talk…read more


Creating the Life List

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Travelling on my own in Australia and New Zealand gave me a lot of time to think. What did I want to eat the next day? What did I want to do a week from now? What was everything going to be like when I got home? What was I going to do for work? What did I want to do with my life? Wait, back up a step. What was that last one? What did I want to do with my life. It hit me like a ton of bricks….read more