Book Review: Every Writer’s Dream by Jeff Goins

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This post is part of the rockThink Book Review Series where I review books that help make you better at what you do. This book was about writing. [Update] This book has been rolled up into Jeff’s new book, You Are a Writer. He’s expanded on the ideas in Every Writer’s Dreams and gone more in depth. I’ll be reviewing that soon. Who is book this for? New writer’s wondering where to start. What is the dream when you start writing? To spend most of your time finding people to…read more


Before Your First Book Review

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[Update] This book is no longer available and has been rolled up into Jeff’s new book called You Are a Writer. I’m working my way through that one now. I just recently finished off the small eBook from Jeff Goins, Before Your First Book. It was a quick read but offered some fantastic advice. I’m toying with the idea of writing a book but I know I need to do a lot more work on my ideas and writing. I still need to convince myself that it would be worth…read more


The 7 ages of a Business by Dragos Roua Review

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I never knew exactly what Dragos’ background was until now. I’m just starting the whole online business process and it sure sounds like he’s gone through the whole thing and he’s got some great insights on it. The 7 Stages He says there are 7 stages – or ages as he calls them – in the progression of a business. Enthusiasm, Naivety, Attention, Maturity, Expansion, Leadership, Exhaustion are the main stages of an online business. Running a business is different for everyone but I think Dragos has done a great…read more