Goals that actually work? Base them on action

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“To achieve an outcome, you have to take action, and that action should be your goal. You can’t directly choose an outcome, but you can always choose to take action.” ~ Pete Michaud Ask anyone about how to get to success or a successful life and one of the first things they’ll say you have to do is to set goals. Everyone knows to set goals but we don’t do enough or the right ones so we’re not successful…. or we’re doing it wrong. I think we’re setting goals wrong. When…read more


Finding Flow: Just 4% Harder

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In The Rise of Superman, Stephen Kotler talks about finding the sweet spot of flow. Not too easy, not too hard. Just right. The state of flow he’s talking about is that “in the zone” state people talk about when they’re extremely engaged in what they’re doing. Creatives talk about it with writing, painting or drawing. Athletes talk about it when they’re surfing, skiing or mountain biking. Hours can fly by in what feels like minutes. It can happen anywhere and any time but there are a few requirements that…read more


Abundance over Scarcity

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Making large uncomfortable changes in your life is difficult. It’s awkward, it’s annoying, it’s frustrating. I’ve been trying to do it for the last couple years with various things. I want to make my life better. I want it to be as good as I can get it. I want my health and fitness and nutrition and finances and relationships all to be amazing. I think it can be done. There’s so much information out there to help. But it doesn’t come easy. In doing 30 Day Challenges to learn…read more


Being intentional is difficult but worth it

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Being intentional is one of the best ways to make your life meaningful, satisfying and have impact. If we drift around, letting life, friends and family make all our decisions for us, we probably have an easy life but not one full of meaning. By choosing our friends, our work, our hobbies and everything else we want to have in our life intentionally, life can mean so much more. It can be tough to be intentional all the time, having to choose everything, not just going along with what the…read more


Coffee and Ideas Meet Again

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A small mastermind-ish group I meet with regularly met again tonight and it reminded me so much of why coffee and ideas go so well together. Today was an extra good day for ideas for another reason. The conversation is semi-structured. We start with a structure anyways and see where it goes. I call them Bounce Sessions. Bounce Sessions Bounce Sessions are meeting with others to bounce ideas around. You might start with prompts or questions for each person to answer like we do or just meet for coffee. The…read more

You Just Need the Trailhead

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Planning a hike can be a big deal. You need to know how long the trail is and how much you’ll need to take. You might need a map and compass or GPS to figure out where you’re going. You might need extra gear to get through obstacles like cliffs or rivers to get to your goal. When it all comes down to it though, you really only need to know one thing about the trail to start. Where the trailhead is. You can forget your gear. You can figure…read more


Are you drifiting, driving or designing?

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At the World Domination Summit in Portland this year, Michael Hyatt took the stage and told some stories about his alcoholic father. The stories started out depressing but he got to his main point: his father was drifting through life. Michael couldn’t handle the thought of doing the same himself and so set himself on a path through life that ensured he worked hard and was successful. You would call him driven. He claims that “overcorrection” from seeing his father drift through life to his own driven path was a mistake….read more


StartupNanaimo unConference

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I attended the first StartupNanaimo unConference today. Like all the other StartupNanaimo or Ignite Nanaimo events I’ve attended, I’ve got so much buzzing around in my head. This post hopefully will be a bit of a recap and an attempt to organize some of the ideas I heard today. I’d love to pull together all the other recaps from the conference so comment at the bottom if you have one as well. ** I’m fairly new to the startup world. I’m read a lot about it but I’m just starting…read more


Novelty Leads to Learning

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An interesting article on the Buffer Blog talks about how novelty triggers our brain to do more learning. It makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint. When you were wandering around in the jungle or on the sahara you would want to learn as fast as possible when something new came around. This wouldn't really be you but caveman-you. If there was something you had never seen before that could possibly kill you, you'll want to be alert and ready to learn everything you can. Caveman-you wouldn't last very long if…read more


All You Need to Start is the Trailhead

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Before you go hiking, you have to pick a trail to hike. You can look through guidebooks, browse around online or ask your friends. Once you’ve picked the trail you want to hike, you need to find out where the trailhead is. The trailhead is where you will start hiking. You park, get your gear ready and then start hiking. Knowing where the trailhead is might be the most important part of starting a hike. If you don’t know that one thing, it will be very difficult to hike that…read more