Trello Tips

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I use Trello a lot for managing tasks for work and personal projects and just little things I need to keep track of at home. These are some of the tips I’ve run across that make Trello easier to use. Trello 101 If you haven’t used Trello before here’s a quick overview. Imagine organizing a bunch of sticky notes in columns on a whiteboard. The sticky notes are tasks to do, and the columns can represent anything you want, statuses, phases of a project or something else. That’s what Trello…read more


StartupNanaimo unConference

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I attended the first StartupNanaimo unConference today. Like all the other StartupNanaimo or Ignite Nanaimo events I’ve attended, I’ve got so much buzzing around in my head. This post hopefully will be a bit of a recap and an attempt to organize some of the ideas I heard today. I’d love to pull together all the other recaps from the conference so comment at the bottom if you have one as well. ** I’m fairly new to the startup world. I’m read a lot about it but I’m just starting…read more